2nd Saturday Cafe'
Season 18 (2018 - 2019) Band Information 
1 Dec 2018       TLO       www.transcendentallightorchestra.com/
Join us for the Transcendental Light Orchestra “Spirit Wind” CD release party!
At its most basic, TLO plays unique versions of Christmas airs. The arrangements are a volatile mix of baroque, classical, rock, pop, jazz and even Latin music played with energy and artistic excellence. But TLO goes much farther than that. Formed by musician/arranger/producer James Bazen, The band searches for deeper, more universal message, no matter what our religion or politics, we are all connected to a creative force beyond our comprehension. Call it a “Spirit Wind”.  The ensemble includes Wes Crawford on drums and percussion, Dallas Smith on acoustic and electric bass, Wayne Wilentz on keys, Peter Fields on baroque guitar, Jerry Lynn on acoustic and electric guitar, Susan Jones on violin, and James Bazen on woodwinds.
5 Jan 2019       Bobby Thompson       www.bobbytmusic.net
Rooted in Virginia, this group is known for delivering hard-edge rock-n-roll blues. Consisting of Blues Guitarist Bobby Thompson (Vocals, Guitars), Christopher Brown (Bass) and Ben Tufts (Drums, Backing Vocals) this group is wrought with deep emotion and blazes down the path pioneered by the great Jimi Hendrix, blending deeply-rooted blues traditions with a popular rock edge to create a sound that will stir every soul.
2 Feb 2019       Alan Scott Band www.alanscottband.com     
Alan Scott is singer-songwriter from Washington, D.C. His music is a blend of pop, alternative rock, funk, and a splash of brit pop, featuring world-class musicianship and critically-acclaimed songwriting. Unfailingly melodic and heart felt, his songs have often been described by first time listeners as “beautiful”. His songs ultimately speak to the power of love, celebration, and compassion for all. 
2 Mar 2019       Stephen Lay Band        www.stephentunes.com/
Powered by an immense musical and vocal talent, Stephen Lay brings a party to our venue that draws us in, captivates and enterains us, and leaves his audiences with a satisfied, unified sense of harmony, peace and hope for our lives.
6 Apr 2019       Tom Principato       www.tomprincipato.com/
Tom Principato is our longest running act at 2nd Saturday Cafe.  Returning for his 18th performance, Tom and the band bring down the house every year.  He steers his axe around jazz, blues, rock and swing with a unique style all his own.